Scoliosis Treatment

Treatment depends upon age, severity of curve/s and ability to comply with exercises or maintain postures.
Every case is different but with experience there is usually a way to apply some of this program to all who are willing.
If a program is not provided, the full assessment fee is not charged.

Aims of Treatment

To normalise the postural alignment in static and dynamic positions improving control and stability
To decelerate progression of the curves and if the skeletal growth is still possible then reducing the size of curves is possible if used alongside the bracing recommended.
To avoid bracing and surgery if possible depending upon preferences.
To enable the patient to independently continue home-exercise programs and new postural habits and overall to empower them against the disease.
Deborah offers 1:1 intensive sessions with a single patient and single therapist.
The exercise therapy only packages suit adult patient with more complex medical and postural needs.
But for younger similar patients coupling or grouping patients can be more ideal
(please discuss the Exercise therapy plus bracing package when making a booking).

The initial session includes an initial assessment, postural training and exercise therapy.
At the end of the first 1.5 hour session an adult should be trained in self managements and your overcorrected postures and have 3-4 exercises to practice at home.

Within the Exercise therapy plus bracing package a brace assessment is also included.
Mobilisation and ‘hands-on’ treatment will be offered if appropriate as an additional benefit.

Bracing is offered if appropriate as not all patients would necessarily benefit.
Bracing is now provided using UK based orthotics with Dr Weiss’s ‘Best-Practice’ design system.
Each individual brace is designed by Dr Weiss in person.

Your therapist needs to be trained and certified in the method, otherwise you cannot ensure quality and safety using the exercises.

Here is a webpage link to the list of Schroth therapists trained in the most modern approach:

Schroth Best Practice Centers

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