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Treatment & Prices:

Prices may vary depending on clinic location

Home visits available – depending upon specific Covid restrictions – please ask clinician.

Basic Session

1:1 Basic assessment combined treatment with Specialist Physiotherapist
Includes 2 hour Assessment And treatment and Provision of postural advice. A full home exercise program for the patient to take home. A free video call to review your initial program from your home with the clinician is advised.


prices may slightly vary for different clinics

Therapy only – Most patients require an initial assessment, a video review and then 3-4 follow ups for a full set of treatment. Each review is £60 for one hour or £30 for half an hour. These are paced between 3-6 months. But some can be delivered via video call – cost is the same as in clinic. The posture and pain usually improves within this time period and lifestyle / activity advice can then maintain the improvements made.

Each review £60 one hour or £30 half an hour.

Intensive Program

4 sessions 1:1 or group based. These can take place in the same week for intensive effect or spaced out. Sessions to be pre-booked. If you are not local some patients prefer to be seen regularly over several days, rather than spread out.

£400 block

Prices for braces can be discussed with your clinician.

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