Scoliosis UK

Scoliosis Treatment & Schroth Therapy

Deborah Turnbull BSc. CSP & HCPC Registered Physiotherapist

9+ years NHS Physiotherapy experience in all core areas

13+ years of experience providing private Schroth Therapy

Schroth Certified Therapist

Certificates in both original German Schroth ISST and modern Best Practice Schroth SBP methods

Combining established conservative European specialist treatment methods to train client’s in their individual back deformities, to halt and / or reduce (if still growing) curves, reduce muscle imbalances, avoid surgery and empower the person.

Scoliosis Treatment

The treatments utilise the specific muscle groups affected to normalise the posture through static, dynamic and stabilising control, making gravity a friend.

A full specialist physiotherapy assessment is provided, individual exercise programs, advice and training on adaptation of regular activity postures and advice and provision of high standard over-corrective 3D Cheneau German designed braces.

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